Volume 160, Issue 7 
June 2012

Governance Property

Gregory S. Alexander

Quasi-Property: Like, But Not Quite Property

Shyamkrishna Balganesh

The Case for Imperfect Enforcement of Property Rights

Abraham Bell & Gideon Parchomovsky

Lumpy Property

Lee Anne Fennell

Managing the Urban Commons

Nicole Stelle Garnett

Governing Through Owners: How and Why Formal Private Property Rights Enhance State Power

Larissa Katz

The Property Strategy

Thomas W. Merrill

On the Economy of Concepts In Property

Henry E. Smith

Strict Liability and Negligence in Property Theory

Stewart E. Sterk

Absolute Preferences and Relative Preferences in Property Law

Lior Jacob Strahilevitz

Beyond Coase: Emerging Technologies and Property Theory

Christopher S. Yoo

Volume 160, Issue 6 
May 2012

Sentencing Guidelines at the Crossroads of Politics and Expertise

Rachel E. Barkow

Booker Rules

Amy Baron-Evans & Kate Stith

Proportionality and Parole

Richard A. Bierschbach

The New Civil Death: Rethinking Punishment in the Era of Mass Conviction

Gabriel J. Chin

Why Proportionality Matters

Youngjae Lee


Sentencing: A Role for Empathy

Denny Chin

On Competence, Legitimacy, and Proportionality

Nancy Gertner

Volume 160, Issue 5 
April 2012

Searching Secrets

Nita A. Farahany

Adaptable Due Process

Jason Parkin

Redistricting and the Territorial Community

Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos


Toward a Constitutional Chevron: Lessons from Rapanos

Cory Ruth Brader

Construing Crane: Examining How State Courts Have Applied its Lack-of-Control Standard

Janine Pierson

Volume 160, Issue 4 
April 2012

Triaging Appointed-Counsel Funding and Pro Se Access to Justice

Benjamin H. Barton & Stephanos Bibas

Codifying Custom

Timothy Meyer

Getting More By Asking Less: Justifying and Reforming Tax Lawís Offer-In- Compromise Procedure

Shu-Yi Oei


To Copy or Not to Copy, That Is the Question: The Game Theory Approach to Protecting Fashion Designs

Tedmond Wong

Scaling the Wall and Running the Mile: The Role of Physical-Selection Procedures in the Disparate Impact Narrative

Yiyang Wu


When 10 Trials Are Better than 1000: An Evidentiary Perspective on Trial Sampling

Edward K. Cheng

Volume 160, Issue 3 
February 2012

Pills and Partisans: Understanding Takeover Defenses

Jordan M. Barry & John William Hatfield

Congressís Constitution

Josh Chafetz

Prison Vouchers

Alexander Volokh


Chevron Corp. v. Berlinger and the Future of the Journalists' Privilege for Documentary Filmmakers

Tom Isler

Allocating the Costs of Harm to Whom They Are Due: Modifying the Collateral Source Rule after Health Care Reform

Rebecca Levenson

Volume 160, Issue 2 
January 2012

Facebook, Twitter, and the Uncertain Future of Present Sense Impressions

Jeffrey Bellin

Making Sense of Section 2: Of Biased Votes, Unconstitutional Elections, and Common Law Statutes

Christopher S. Elmendorf

Freedom for the Press as an Industry, or For the Press as a Technology? From the Framing to Today

Eugene Volokh


All Alone in Arbitration: AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion and the Substantive Impact of Class Action Waivers

Frank Blechschmidt

Navigating a Legal Dilemma: A Studentís Right To Legal Counsel In Disciplinary Hearings for Criminal Misbehavior

Ellen L. Mossman

Volume 160, Issue 1 
December 2011

Constraining Certiorari Using Administrative Law Principles

Kathryn A. Watts

The Political Economy of Fraud on the Market

William W. Bratton & Michael L. Wachter

The Jurisprudence of Dignity

Leslie Meltzer Henry


Subsidizing Fat: How the 2012 Farm Bill Can Address Americaís Obesity Epidemic

Julie Foster

Exempt Executives? Dollar General Store Managersí Embattled Quest for Overtime Pay Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Drew Frederick

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