Volume 156, Issue 6 
June 2008

Commentary On Class Settlements Under Attack

Catherine T. Struve

CAFA Judicata: A Tale of Waste and Politics

Kevin M. Clermont & Theodore Eisenberg

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 in Historical Context: A Preliminary View

Stephen B. Burbank

Has the Erie Doctrine Been Repealed by Congress

Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.

CAFA's Impact on Class Action Lawyers

Howard M. Erichson

Federal Jurisdiction and Due Process in the Era of the Nationwide Class Action

Tobias Barrington Wolff

Procedure, Politics, Prediction, and Professors: A Response to Professors Burbank and Purcell

Stephen N. Subrin

The Class Action Fairness Act in Perspective: The Old and the New in Federal Jurisdictional Reform

Edward A. Purcell, Jr.

Assessing CAFA's Stated Jurisdictional Policy

Richard L. Marcus

Overruling Erie: Nationwide Class Actions and National Common Law

Suzanna Sherry

CAFA Settlement Notice Provision: Optimal Regulatory Policy?

Catherine M. Sharkey

Lessons in Federalism From the 1960s Class Action Rule and the 2005 Class Action Fairness Act: "The Political Safeguards" of Aggregate Translocal Actions

Judith Resnik

The Impact of the Class Action Fairness Act on the Federal Courts: An Empirical Analysis of Filings and Removals

Emery G. Lee III & Thomas E. Willging

Class Settlements Under Attack

Samuel Issacharoff & Richard A. Nagareda

The Role of Choice of Law in National Class Actions

Linda Silberman

Volume 156, Issue 5 
May 2008

Punishing the Innocent

Josh Bowers

Relational Tax Planning Under Risk-Based Rules

Alex Raskolnikov

Excluding Religion

Nelson Tebbe


Indigenous Peoples' Courts: Egalitarian Juridical Pluralism, Self-Determination, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Christopher J. Fromherz

Assessing the Proper Relationship Between the Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victim Protection Act

Philip Mariani

Volume 156, Issue 4 
April 2008

Integrating Accommodation

Elizabeth F. Emens

Deadlines In Administrative Law

Jacob E. Gersen & Anne Joseph O'Connell

Constitutional Showdowns

Eric A. Posner & Adrian Vermeule


Dismantling the Felony-Murder Rule: Juvenile Deterrence and Retribution Post-Roper v. Simmons

Erin H. Flynn

Flashback to the Federal Analog Act of 1986: Mixing Rules and Standards in the Cauldron

Gregory Kau

Volume 156, Issue 3 
March 2008

An Empirical Study of U.S. Copyright Fair Use Opinions, 1978-2005

Barton Beebe

Equity and Debt Decoupling and Empty Voting II: Importance and Extensions

Henry T. C. Hu & Bernard Black

Two Conceptions of Emotion in Risk Regulation

Dan M. Kahan


Successor Liability Under CERCLA: It’s Time To Fully Embrace State Law

Michael Carter

Stacking the Deck: Futility and the Exhaustion Provision of the Prison Litigation Reform Act

Eugene Novikov

Volume 156, Issue 2 
December 2007

Law and the Market: The Impact of Enforcement

John C. Coffee, Jr.

Structuring Judicial Review of Electoral Mechanics: Explanations and Opportunities

Christopher S. Elmendorf

Causing, Aiding, and the Superfluity of Accomplice Liability

Michael S. Moore


Appended Post-Passage Senate Judiciary Committee Report: Unlikely "Legislative History" for Interpreting Section 5 of the Reauthorized Voting Rights Act

Erica Lai

The Constitutionality of Federal Restrictions on the Indemnification of Attorneys' Fees

Nishchay H. Maskay

Volume 156, Issue 1 
November 2007

The Short and Puzzling Life of the “Implicit Minority Discount” in Delaware Appraisal Law

Lawrence A. Hamermesh & Michael L. Wachter

International Consensus as Persuasive Authority in the Eighth Amendment

Youngjae Lee

Antitrust and Nonprofit Hospital Mergers: A Return to Basics

Barak D. Richman


Expanding the Scope of the Hatch-Waxman Act's Patent Carve-Out Exception to the Identical Drug Labeling Requirement: Closing the Patent Litigation Loophole

Julie Dohm

Third-Party Ratings as Modern Reputational Information: How Rules of Professional Conduct Could Better Serve Lower-Income Legal Consumers

Colleen Petroni

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