Volume 155, Issue 6 
June 2007

Scientific Challenges in the Attribution of Harm to Human Influence on Climate

Myles Allen, Pardeep Pall, Daithi Stone, Peter Scott, David Frame, Seung-Ki Min, Toru Nozawa, & Seiji Yukimoto

Global Climate Change Control: Is There a Better Strategy Than Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Alan Carlin

Timing and Form of Federal Regulation: The Case of Climate Change

J.R. DeShazo & Jody Freeman

Harmonizing Regulatory and Litigation Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation: Incorporating Tradable Emissions Offsets Into Common Law Remedies

Kirsten H. Engel

Basic Compensation for Victims of Climate Change

Daniel A. Farber

Allocating Responsibility for the Failure of Global Warming Policies

Joni Hersch & W. Kip Viscusi

Climate Change and Animals

Wayne Hsiung & Cass R. Sunstein

Negligence in the Air: The Duty of Care in Climate Change Litigation

David Hunter & James Salzman

Climate Change, Insurability of Large-Scale Disasters, and the Emerging Liability Challenge

Howard C. Kunreuther & Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan

The Case for a Sustainable Climate Policy: Why Costs and Benefits Must Be Temporally Balanced

Roger A. Pielke, Jr.


Corrective Justice and Liability for Global Warming

Matthew D. Adler

Reasonable Emmissions of Greenhouse Gases: Efficient Abatement for a Stock Pollutant

Howard F. Chang

Insurability of Damage Caused by Climate Change: A Commentary

Michael G. Faure

Desperately Seeking Numbers: Global Warming, Species Loss, and the Use and Abuse of Quantification in Climate Change Policy Analysis

Jason Scott Johnston

Climate Change and International Human Rights Litigation: A Critical Appraisal

Eric A. Posner

Liability for Climate Change: The Benefits, the Costs, and the Transaction Costs

Reimund Schwarze

Legal Liability as Climate Change Policy

Hilary Sigman

Think Globally, Act Globally: The Limits of Local Climate Policies

Jonathan B. Wiener

Unraveling the Global Warming Regime Complex: Competitive Entropy in the Regulation of the Global Public Good

Erik B. Bluemel

Volume 155, Issue 5 
May 2007

Hedge Funds in Corporate Governance and Corporate Control

Marcel Kahan & Edward B. Rock

Property Outlaws

Eduardo Moisés Peñalver & Sonia K. Katyal

IPO Liability and Entrepreneurial Response

James C. Spindler


Biting Without Teeth: The Citizen Submission Process and Environmental Protection

Bradley N. Lewis

The NCAA as State Actor: Tarkanian, Brentwood, and Due Process

James Potter

VOIP and Pay-to-Play: Broadband's Attempt to Push Away Direct Competition

Mark L. Silverstein

Volume 155, Issue 4 
April 2007

Paying for Performance in Bankruptcy: Why CEOs Should Be Compensated With Debt

Yair Listokin

Between Home and School

Laura A. Rosenbury

Copyright as Trade Regulation

Sara K. Stadler


After Bridgeman: Copyright, Museums, and Public Domain Works of Art

Robin J. Allan

Freedom By Design: Objective Analysis and the Constitutional Status of Public Broadcasting

Jonathan M. Phillips

Volume 155, Issue 3 
January 2007

The Puzzle of Complete Preemption

Gil Seinfeld

Labor Unions: A Corporatist Institution in a Competitive World

Michael L. Wachter

Copyright and Public Good Economics: A Misunderstood Relation

Christopher S. Yoo


Waivers of ERISA Plan Benefits: Preventing Judicial Interpretations of a Complex Statute From Frustrating the Statute’s Simple Purpose

Jeffrey M. Gorris

Information Markets as Games of Chance

Ryan P. McCarthy

Volume 155, Issue 2 
December 2006

Inequality and Uncertainty: Theory and Legal Applications

Matthew D. Adler & Chris William Sanchirico

Between Rights and Contract: Arbitration Agreements and Non-Compete Covenants As A Hybrid Form of Employment Law

Cynthia L. Estlund

The Doctrinal Unity of Alternative Liability and Market-Share Liability

Mark A. Geistfeld


It’s About Time: A Systems Thinking Analysis of the Litigation Finance Industry and Its Effect on Settlement

Mariel Rodak

Volume 155, Issue 1 
November 2006

Censorship by Proxy: The First Amendment, Internet Intermediaries, and the Problem of the Weakest Link

Seth F. Kreimer

Exploding the Class Action Agency Costs Myth: The Social Utility of Entrepreneurial Lawyers

Myriam Gilles & Gary B. Friedman

On the Supposed Jury-Dependence of Evidence Law

Frederick Schauer


Towards Environmental Entrepreneurship: Restoring the Public Trust Doctrine in New York

Michael Seth Benn

An Open Door to Ending Exploitation: Accountability for Violations of Informed Consent Under the Alien Tort Statute

Erin Talati


Edward R Becker: A Man in Full

Stephen B. Burbank

Tribute to Judge Edward R. Becker

John G. Roberts, Jr.

Judge, Teacher, Friend

Samuel A. Alito, Jr.

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