Volume 166, Issue 7 
December 2018

Foreword: Bankruptcy's New and Old Frontiers

William W. Bratton & David A. Skeel, Jr.

The New Bond Workouts

William W. Bratton & Adam J. Levitin

The Bankruptcy Partition

Douglas G. Baird, Anthony J. Casey & Randal C. Picker

Corporate Bankruptcy Hybridity

Melissa B. Jacoby

Taking Control Rights Seriously

Robert K. Rasmussen

Bankruptcy's Uneasy Shift to a Contract Paradigm

David A. Skeel, Jr. & George Triantis

Valuation Disputes in Corporate Bankruptcy

Kenneth Ayotte & Edward R. Morrison

The Creditors' Bargain Revisited

Barry E. Adler

A Retrospective Look at Bankruptcy's New Frontiers

Thomas H. Jackson

Volume 166, Issue 6 
May 2018

Our Principled Constitution

Mitchell N. Berman

Taxing the Gig Economy

Kathleen DeLaney Thomas

Settling the Staggered Board Debate

Yakov Amihud, Markus Schmid & Steven Davidoff Solomon


Completely Exhausted: Evaluating the Impact of Woodford v. Ngo on Prisoner Litigation in Federal Courts

Elana M. Stern

The Illusory Coverage Doctrine: A Critical Review

Ian Weiss

Volume 166, Issue 5 
April 2018

Law, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

Mark A. Lemley & Eugene Volokh

Patenting Around Failure

Sean B. Seymore

Fourth Amendment Moralism

Anna Lvovsky


The Nuclear Option: What Can States Do to Encourage Clean Energy After Hughes and EPSA?

Jennifer Ko

Unsettled: Victim Discretion in the Administration and Enforcement of Criminal Restitution Orders

David Peters

Volume 166, Issue 4 
March 2018

The Decline of Supreme Court Deference to the President

Lee Epstein & Eric A. Posner

Sovereigns, Shopkeepers, and the Separation of Powers

Jon D. Michaels

The Proficiency of Experts

Brandon L. Garrett & Gregory Mitchell


A Municipal Speech Claim Against Body Camera Video Restrictions

Matthew A. De Stasio

Halo Is Not the Saving Grace for the Patent System

Jennifer Hartjes

Volume 166, Issue 3 
February 2018

Contested Visions: The Value of Systems Theory for Corporate Law

Tamara Belinfanti & Lynn Stout

Delegating for Trust

Edward H. Stiglitz

The Empty Idea of "Equality of Creditors"

David A. Skeel, Jr.


Sufficiently Criminal Ties: Expanding VAWA Criminal Jurisdiction for Indian Tribes

Maura Douglas

A New Hurdle to International Cooperation in Criminal Investigations: Whether Foreign Government‐Compelled Testimony Implicates the Privilege Against Self‐Incrimination

Jennifer Reich

Volume 166, Issue 2 
January 2018

Pandora’s Digital Box: The Promise and Perils of Digital Wallets

Adam J. Levitin

Our Regionalism

Jessica Bulman-Pozen

Copyright as Market Prospect

Shyamkrishna Balganesh


FDA Regulation of 3D‐Printed Organs and Associated Ethical Challenges

Elizabeth Kelly

Anti‐SLAPP Statutes and the Federal Rules: Why Preemption Analysis Shows they Should Apply in Federal Diversity Suits

William James Seidleck

Volume 166, Issue 1 
November 2017

Incredible Women: Sexual Violence and the Credibility Discount

Deborah Tuerkheimer

Tiers for the Establishment Clause

Richard H. Fallon, Jr.

Annoy No Cop

Josh Bowers


Blacklisting Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Justin S. Daniel

Smart Contracts and the Cost of Inflexibility

Jeremy M. Sklaroff

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