Volume 165, Issue 7 
October 2017

Class Actions and the Counterrevolution Against Federal Litigation

Stephen B. Burbank & Sean Farhang

Jacobins at Justice: The (Failed) Class Action Revolution of 1978 and the Puzzle of American Procedural Economy

David Freeman Engstrom

The Short Life and Long Afterlife of the Mass Tort Class Action

David Marcus

Happy 50th Anniversary, Rule 23! Shouldn't We Know You Better After All this Time

Deborah R. Hensler

The Supreme Court's “Non‐Transsubstantive” Class Action

J. Maria Glover

Unorthodox Civil Procedure: Modern Multidistrict Litigation’s Place in the Textbook Understandings of Procedure

Abbe R. Gluck

Something Less and Something More: MDL’s Roots as a Class Action Alternative

Andrew D. Bradt

Three Models of Adjudicative Representation

Margaret H. Lemos

“Vital” State Interests: From Representative Actions for Fair Labor Standards to Pooled Trusts, Class Actions, and MDLs in the Federal Courts

Judith Resnik

The Triangle of Law and the Role of Evidence in Class Action Litigation

Jonah B. Gelbach

Choice of Law and Jurisdictional Policy in the Federal Courts

Tobias Barrington Wolff

The Globalization of Entrepreneurial Litigation: Law, Culture, and Incentives

John C. Coffee, Jr.

Volume 165, Issue 6 
June 2017

Independent Directors and Controlling Shareholders

Lucian A. Bebchuk & Assaf Hamdani

Health Information Equity

Craig Konnoth

Legislating in the Shadows

Christopher J. Walker


Particularity Discovery in Qui Tam Actions: A Middle Ground Approach to Pleading Fraud in the Health Care Sector

Brianna Bloodgood

Brewing Better Law: Two Proposals to Encourage Innovation in America's Craft Beer Industry

Andrew D'Aversa

Volume 165, Issue 5 
April 2017

On Mandatory Labeling, with Special Reference to Genetically Modified Foods

Cass R. Sunstein

Freedom of Information Beyond the Freedom of Information Act

David E. Pozen

Will Tax Reform Be Stable?

Jason S. Oh


Implicit Bias as Social-Framework Evidence in Employment Discrimination

Annika L. Jones

The Machine Author: What Level of Copyright Protection Is Appropriate for Fully Independent Computer‐Generated Works?

Robert Yu

Volume 165, Issue 4 
March 2017

Priority Matters: Absolute Priority, Relative Priority, and the Costs of Bankruptcy

Douglas G. Baird

“A Radical Proposal”: The Multidistrict Litigation Act of 1968

Andrew D. Bradt

The Value of the Right to Exclude: An Empirical Assessment

Jonathon Klick & Gideon Parchomovsky


Class Action Notice in the Digital Age

Alexander W. Aiken

Improving the Patent System by Encouraging Intentional Infringement: The Beneficial Use Standard of Patents

Kai Yi Xie

Volume 165, Issue 3 
February 2017

The President and the Detainees

Aziz Z. Huq

The Vanishing Common Law Judge?

Neal Devins & David Klein

Accountable Algorithms

Joshua A. Kroll, Joanna Huey, Solon Barocas, Edward W. Felten, Joel R. Reidenberg, David G. Robinson & Harlan Yu


Invalidating Issue Preclusion: Rethinking Preclusion in the Patent Context

Stephen C. DeSalvo

Cruel and Unusual Construction: The Eighth Amendment as a Limit on Building Prisons on Toxic Waste Sites

Kelsey D. Russell

Volume 165, Issue 2 
January 2017

Evaluating NFL Player Health and Performance: Legal and Ethical Issues

Jessica L. Roberts, I. Glenn Cohen, Christopher R. Deubert & Holly Fernandez Lynch

What We Buy When We Buy Now

Aaron Perzanowski & Chris Jay Hoofnagle

The Myth of the Nondelegation Doctrine

Keith E. Whittington & Jason Iuliano


Revoking the Revocable License Rule: A New Look at Resale Restrictions on Sports Tickets

Alexander P. Frawley

Circuit Split: How Far Does Whistleblower Protection Extend Under Dodd–Frank?

Thomas J. McCormac, IV

Volume 165, Issue 1 
December 2016

Consent Is Not Enough: Why States Must Respect the Intensity Threshold in Transnational Conflict

Oona A. Hathaway, Rebecca Crootof, Daniel Hessel, Julia Shu & Sarah Weiner

Something to Talk About: Information Exchange Under Employment Law

Joni Hersch & Jennifer Bennett Shinall

Policing as Administration

Christopher Slobogin


Maybe Publius Was Right: Relying on Merger Price To Determine Fair Value in Delaware Appraisal Cases

Daniel E. Meyer

Our Antitotalitarian Constitution and the Right to Identity

Brian T. Ruocco

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