Volume 163, Issue 7 
June 2015

The Constraint of Legal Doctrine

Shyamkrishna Balganesh

Equity's Unstated Domain: The Role of Equity in Shaping Copyright Law

Shyamkrishna Balganesh & Gideon Parchomovsky

Doctrinal Categories, Legal Realism, and the Rule of Law

Hanoch Dagan

Realism and Revolution in Conflict of Laws: In With a Bang and Out With a Whimper

Celia Wasserstein Fassberg

Nine Takes on Indeterminacy, With Special Emphasis on the Criminal Law

Leo Katz

Legal Realism and Legal Doctrine

Brian Leiter

Family Law's Doctrines

Melissa Murray

Corporate Law Doctrine and the Legacy of American Legal Realism

Edward B. Rock

The Persistence of System in Property Law

Henry E. Smith

The New Doctrinalism: Implications for Evidence Theory

Alex Stein

Intuitive Formalism in Contract

Tess Wilkinson-Ryan

Reasonableness In and Out of Negligence Law

Benjamin C. Zipursky

Volume 163, Issue 6 
May 2015

Regulating Against Bubbles: How Mortgage Regulation Can Keep Main Street and Wall Street Safe—from Themselves

Ryan Bubb & Prasad Krishnamurthy

A Dose of Reality for Specialized Courts: Lessons from the VICP

Nora Freeman Engstrom

Judicial Priorities

Bert I. Huang & Tejas N. Narechania


Dangerous Liaisons: Criminalization of “Relationship Hires” under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Shinjini Chatterjee

Getting Their Due (Process): Parents and Lawyers in Special Education Due Process Hearings in Pennsylvania

Kevin Hoagland-Hanson

Volume 163, Issue 5 
April 2015

Structure and Value in the Common Law

Shyamkrishna Balganesh & Gideon Parchomovsky

Helping Buyers Beware: The Need for Supervision of Big Retail

Rory Van Loo

Presidential Settlements

Adam S. Zimmerman


Modernizing Class Action Cy Pres Through Democratic Inputs: A Return to Cy Pres Comme Possible

Chris J. Chasin

Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Public Accommodations: A Common Law Approach

Paul Vincent Courtney

Volume 163, Issue 4 
March 2015

Judicial Comparativism and Judicial Diplomacy

David S. Law

Do You Have to Keep the Government's Secrets? Retroactively Classified Documents, the First Amendment, and the Power to Make Secrets Out of the Public Record

Jonathan Abel

Behavioral International Law

Tomer Broude


Toward a Standard of Meaningful Review: Examining the Actual Protections Afforded to Prisoners in Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Elli Marcus

Recovering for the Loss of a Beloved Pet: Rethinking the Legal Classification of Companion Animals and the Requirements for Loss of Companion-ship Tort Damages

Lauren M. Sirois

Volume 163, Issue 3 
February 2015

Court Competition for Patent Cases

J. Jonas Anderson

Image Is Everything: Corporate Branding and Religious Accommodation in the Workplace

Dallan F. Flake

Tontine Pensions

Jonathan Barry Forman & Michael J. Sabin


An Inconvenient Truth: How Forum Non Conveniens Doctrine Allows Defendants to Escape State Court Jurisdiction

Brian J. Springer

Proposing a Transactional Approach to Civil Forfeiture Reform

Michael van den Berg

Volume 163, Issue 2 
January 2015

Big Data and Predictive Reasonable Suspicion

Andrew Guthrie Ferguson

Foreign Sovereign Immunity and Comparative Institutional Competence

Adam S. Chilton & Christopher A. Whytock

The Power to Privilege

Mila Sohoni


Blowing the Whistle on Consumer Financial Abuse

David Cooper

Choice of Law in Fraudulent Joinder Litigation

Walter Simons

Volume 163, Issue 1 
December 2014

Old Statutes, New Problems

Jody Freeman & David B. Spence

The Constitutional Standing of Corporations

Brandon L. Garrett

Dodd-Frank Orderly Liquidation Authority: Too Big for the Constitution?

Thomas W. Merrill & Margaret L. Merrill


The Duryodhana Dilemma: United States v. A 10th Century Cambodian Sandstone Sculpture and a Proposed Code of Ethics-Based Response to Repatriation Requests for Auction Houses

Lauren Henderson

Pro Se Paternalism: The Contractual, Practical, and Behavioral Cases for Automatic Reversal

Justin Rand

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