Volume 161, Issue 7 
June 2013

The Technology of Creditor Protection

Barry E. Adler & Marcel Kahan

A Theory of Preferred Stock

William W. Bratton & Michael L. Wachter

Adapting to the New Shareholder-Centric Reality

Edward B. Rock


How to Avoid Implementing Today's Wrong Policies to Solve Yesterday's Corporate Governance Problems

Colin Mayer

The Toxic Side Effects of Shareholder Primacy

Lynn A. Stout

Poor Pitiful or Potently Powerful Preferred

Leo E. Strine, Jr.

Exploring the Limits of Contract Design in Debt Financing

George Triantis


Protecting Search Terms as Opinion Work Product: Applying the Work Product Doctrine to Electronic Discovery

Sean Grammel

Music Piracy and Diminishing Revenues: How Compulsory Licensing for Interactive Webcasters Can Lead the Recording Industry Back to Prominence

Neil S. Tyler

Volume 161, Issue 6 
May 2013

Algorithms and Speech

Stuart Minor Benjamin

Machine Speech

Tim Wu

Owning E-Sports: Proprietary Rights in Professional Computer Gaming

Dan L. Burk

Trust and Online Interaction

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz

Information Privacy in the Cloud

Paul M. Schwartz

Information, Innovation, and Competition Policy for the Internet

Howard A. Shelanski

Protocol Layering and Internet Policy

Christopher S. Yoo

Volume 161, Issue 5 
April 2013

The Geography of the Battlefield: A Framework for Detention and Targeting Outside the “Hot” Conflict Zone

Jennifer C. Daskal

Exorcising McCulloch: The Conflict-Ridden History of American Banking Nationalism and Dodd-Frank Preemption

Roderick M. Hills, Jr.

An Empirical Study of Patent Litigation Timing: Could a Patent Term Reduction Decimate Trolls Without Harming Innovators?

Brian J. Love


Confusing the Means for the Ends: How a Pro-Settlement Policy Risks Undermining the Aims of Title VII

Robert D. Friedman

Suboptimal Social Science and Judicial Precedent

Ben K. Grunwald

Volume 161, Issue 4 
March 2013

Localist Statutory Interpretation

Ethan J. Leib

Neighborhood Empowerment and the Future of the City

Kenneth A. Stahl

The Conditions of Pretrial Detention

Catherine T. Struve


The State and the “Psycho Ex-Wife”: Parents’ Rights, Children’s Interests, and the First Amendment

Kelly Kanavy

The Property Matrix: An Analytical Tool to Answer the Question, “Is This Property?”

Francisco J. Morales

Volume 161, Issue 3 
February 2013

Four Conceptions of Insurance

Kenneth S. Abraham

Reducing Crime by Shaping the Built Environment with Zoning: An Empirical Study of Los Angeles

James M. Anderson, John M. MacDonald, Ricky Bluthenthal & J. Scott Ashwood

Soul of A Woman: The Sex Stereotyping Prohibition at Work

Kimberly A. Yuracko


Up for Grabs: A Workable System for the Unilateral Acquisition of Chattels

Matt Corriel

Delay in Considering the Constitutionality of Inordinate Delay: The Death Row Phenomenon and the Eighth Amendment

Kara Sharkey

Volume 161, Issue 2 
January 2013

Escaping Battered Credit: A Proposal for Repairing Credit Reports Damaged by Domestic Violence

Angela Littwin

Federalism, Regulatory Lags, and the Political Economy of Energy Production

David B. Spence

State Law, the Westfall Act, and the Nature of the Bivens Question

Carlos M. Vázquez & Stephen I. Vladeck


Rethinking the Cooperation Clause in Standard Liability Insurance Contracts

Nicholas J. Giles

Preserving Judicial Supremacy Come Heller High Water

Benjamin S. Softness

Volume 161, Issue 1 
December 2012

Leaving the Bench, 1970–2009: The Choices Federal Judges Make, What Influences Those Choices, and Their Consequences

Stephen B. Burbank, S. Jay Plager & Gregory Ablavsky

Can the States Keep Secrets from the Federal Government?

Robert A. Mikos

Information Issues on Wall Street 2.0

Elizabeth Pollman


Tailoring Discovery: Using Nontranssubstantive Rules to Reduce Waste and Abuse

Joshua M. Koppel

Take Care That the Laws Be Faithfully Litigated

Parker Rider-Longmaid

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