Volume 159, Issue 6 
June 2011

Health Insurance, Risk, and Responsibility after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Tom Baker

The Individual Mandate, Sovereignty, and the Ends of Good Government: A Reply to Professor Randy Barnett

Patrick McKinley Brennan

From Health Care Law to the Social Determinants of Health: A Public Health Law Research Perspective

Scott Burris

Government as the Crucible for Free Market Health Care: Regulation, Reimbursement, and Reform

Robert I. Field

Regulating Patient Safety: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Barry R. Furrow

Restoring Health to Health Reform: Integrating Medicine and Public Health to Advance the Populationís Well-Being

Lawrence O. Gostin, Peter D. Jacobson, Katherine L. Record & Lorian E. Hardcastle

Commerce Clause Challenges to Health Care Reform

Mark A. Hall

Three Models of Health Insurance: The Conceptual Pluralism of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

Allison K. Hoffman

Health Insurance Reform And Intimations Of Citizenship

Nan D. Hunter

Convicts and Convictions: Some Lessons From Transportation for Health Reform

David A. Hyman

Reflections on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the Implementation of the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

Timothy Stoltzfus Jost

The Freedom of Health

Abigail R. Moncrieff, Symposium Scholar

Health Reform and Public Health: Will Good Policies but Bad Politics Combine to Produce Bad Policy?

Harold Pollack

Of Stars and Proper Alignment: Scanning the Heavens for the Future of Health care Reform

Arnold J. Rosoff

Brand New Law! The Need to Market Health Care Reform

William M. Sage

Health Care Reformís Wild Card: The Uncertain Effectiveness of Comparative Effectiveness Research

Richard S. Saver

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