Volume 155, Issue 6 
June 2007

Scientific Challenges in the Attribution of Harm to Human Influence on Climate

Myles Allen, Pardeep Pall, Daithi Stone, Peter Scott, David Frame, Seung-Ki Min, Toru Nozawa, & Seiji Yukimoto

Global Climate Change Control: Is There a Better Strategy Than Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Alan Carlin

Timing and Form of Federal Regulation: The Case of Climate Change

J.R. DeShazo & Jody Freeman

Harmonizing Regulatory and Litigation Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation: Incorporating Tradable Emissions Offsets Into Common Law Remedies

Kirsten H. Engel

Basic Compensation for Victims of Climate Change

Daniel A. Farber

Allocating Responsibility for the Failure of Global Warming Policies

Joni Hersch & W. Kip Viscusi

Climate Change and Animals

Wayne Hsiung & Cass R. Sunstein

Negligence in the Air: The Duty of Care in Climate Change Litigation

David Hunter & James Salzman

Climate Change, Insurability of Large-Scale Disasters, and the Emerging Liability Challenge

Howard C. Kunreuther & Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan

The Case for a Sustainable Climate Policy: Why Costs and Benefits Must Be Temporally Balanced

Roger A. Pielke, Jr.


Corrective Justice and Liability for Global Warming

Matthew D. Adler

Reasonable Emmissions of Greenhouse Gases: Efficient Abatement for a Stock Pollutant

Howard F. Chang

Insurability of Damage Caused by Climate Change: A Commentary

Michael G. Faure

Desperately Seeking Numbers: Global Warming, Species Loss, and the Use and Abuse of Quantification in Climate Change Policy Analysis

Jason Scott Johnston

Climate Change and International Human Rights Litigation: A Critical Appraisal

Eric A. Posner

Liability for Climate Change: The Benefits, the Costs, and the Transaction Costs

Reimund Schwarze

Legal Liability as Climate Change Policy

Hilary Sigman

Think Globally, Act Globally: The Limits of Local Climate Policies

Jonathan B. Wiener

Unraveling the Global Warming Regime Complex: Competitive Entropy in the Regulation of the Global Public Good

Erik B. Bluemel

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