Volume 166, Issue 7 
December 2018

Foreword: Bankruptcy's New and Old Frontiers

William W. Bratton & David A. Skeel, Jr.

The New Bond Workouts

William W. Bratton & Adam J. Levitin

The Bankruptcy Partition

Douglas G. Baird, Anthony J. Casey & Randal C. Picker

Corporate Bankruptcy Hybridity

Melissa B. Jacoby

Taking Control Rights Seriously

Robert K. Rasmussen

Bankruptcy's Uneasy Shift to a Contract Paradigm

David A. Skeel, Jr. & George Triantis

Valuation Disputes in Corporate Bankruptcy

Kenneth Ayotte & Edward R. Morrison

The Creditors' Bargain Revisited

Barry E. Adler

A Retrospective Look at Bankruptcy's New Frontiers

Thomas H. Jackson

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