Who designed the website?
Our site redesign was done entirely in-house by our Volume 161 and 162 Technology Editors. The site was designed by our Volume 162 Technology Editor, Peter Wu, using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, while the back-end work of connecting our existing content database to the new site was done by our Volume 161 Technology and Production Editor, Eric Hague.

Do you use a Content Management System (CMS)?
We did not use a packaged design solution or CMS like Wordpress or Moveable Type to post new content or power our backend content database. Instead, it is powered by a PHP MySQL database that hooks into our front-end pages using PHP. New content is posted through adding new entries directly to our database.

How long did it take?
The site was designed over the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2013, and has been a continuously evolving work in progress well into 2014. The design wireframes and rough photoshop mockups were designed in the Spring of 2013 and coding work began in May 2013. Version 1.0 was launched in late June, 2013. You can view our progress through our Version History page.